Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vokis now have more features available.

One of my latest vokis
 Lesson Plans are available.
If you are new to voki there are  some resources to help you get started with Voki Classroom. 

Voki Classroom looks like a good answer for school libraries.

Add up to 10 classes
Add up to 200 students
Visit this site to watch a video and check  out the comparison between voki-free and voki-classroom. 

Manage Students. Add and manage your students. Assign students to one or more classes and give them each a unique login. There's no need for students to register!
Manage Classes & Lessons. Add and manage classes and lessons. Customize the appearance and instructions of each lesson. Students can easily view and complete their Voki assignments from the Student view.
Review Vokis. Easily review your students' Voki assignments in one place. Review and approve all student Vokis by lesson, or by student.

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