Friday, March 30, 2012

Share your ideas using Voicethread


Jamin has set up a voicethread and would love you to contribute to: Soliciting ideas from fellow [school/teacher] librarians about adding interactive spaces to a school library.

What are you currently doing about adding interactive spaces, or planning to do, at your school library? Listen  to what the others have to say and then add your contribution.

Unsure of what Voicethread is or how to use it? Visit Teacher's FIrst -Voicethread
Using Voicethread 
Looking for more about Voicethread visit:

Another idea is using Voicethread as a digital portfolio

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  1. I am TL in a difficult, low-SES high school. The interactive spaces in the Library encourage interpersonal face-to-face social skills. The most interesting one is the use of jig-saw puzzles. On a board, I start a 300+ jig-saw puzzle and leave it out on a table. It is amazing that almost no-one can walk past without having a go at it. Many sit down for the whole session and various individuals who normally would not interact, do as they cooperate to put a bit more of the puzzle together. Chess and other board games also work well.