Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art Attack offers great activities to enthuse your library visitors.

Art AttackImage via WikipediaI would like to try this activity in the library next year. Kids might like to create a cling on bookmark early in the year so they remember to care for their books or maybe create one for their Mum for Mother's Day or Dad for Father's Day.

There are some great art/craft activities at Art Attack.

I might also try the bookworm bookmark or the bookworm bookends.
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School Libraries need your support NOW!!

"Action Needed for TL Inquiry to be reopened.

Amanda Rishworth, in her capacity of the new Chair of Standing
Committee on Education and Employment has advised that, “Unfortunately
the inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians conducted by
the education and Training committee lapsed as a result of the
prorogation of the 42nd Parliament.

The Education and Employment committee of the 43rd Parliament requires
a referral from the Minister
of the terms of reference for it to
inquire and report on this matter.

Draw upon the wording of our letter at The Hub or write your own.
Submit via the online contact form at

Act Now.

Georgia Phillips
The Hub: Campaign for Quality School Libraries in Australia"

Please write to Peter Garrett now.
The Hub (School Libraries Advocacy Group) outlines a draft letter that you may wish to model your letter on.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to improve your web literacy and search like a Pro!

Enjoy this presentation given November 2010 in New Jersey by Barbara De Santis from Sayreville Public School. It challenges you to "get REAL!!"I "get real" now!! It is a very simple but effective strategy to use.  NJEA Search like a pro!