Monday, March 30, 2009

Quality and Presentation of your collection

"80% of your loans are generated by 20% of your collection. Yes!! Kevin urges us to weed, weed, weed. Don’t pride yourself on the size of your collection - pride yourself on the quality and presentation of your collection." Judy O'Connell Marketing and design in your library from HeyJude Learning in an online world

"Kevin reminds us the hugely relevant focus of reading and literacy that our school libraries MUST retain in the age of digital learning." Judy O'Connell

Grab the popcorn- there's more

Faster than free internet. More powerful than a stack of reference books Protector of Knowledge and Free Entertainment!!................

A Librarian's 2.0 Manifesto

Is this where you're at?
A manifesto by Laura Cohen, 2006. '
Video slideshow mash up by Soren Johannessen, Copenhagen

Friday, March 27, 2009

Library interior design-Opening the book

If you are going to be refurbishing or building a new library this website could offer you some good ideas.

The library interior design website has many pictures of updated libraries.

Library design for schools

Display furniture for Children's and School Libraries

Text Color

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sparklebox is a great find.

Signs and Labels
Book Corner and Reading Area- free posters to use in these areas
may be useful to Teacher Librarians.
Make sure you let your staff know about Sparklebox. It has thousands of great FREE resources for teachers.
Great Easter resources are also available.

Create Engaging 21st Century Learning Spaces

"The integration of a 21st-century “Smart” campus relies on the infusion of useful, relevant technologies to meet the demands of the instructor and their multimedia, multi-linked mobile students."

"Ergotron’s broad portfolio of display mount and mobility products can be an essential part of the technology platform supporting dynamic learning environments." Ergotron Products

University of Queensland Teaching and Learning Spaces has these two downloads available:

The Advanced Concept Teaching Space Booklet (pdf 2MB)

The Collaborative Teaching & Learning Centre Booklet (pdf 1.5MB)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wonderful collection of library links

Copacabana Public School

Get Smart
Library Links

PAWS for reading

The Paws for Reading program is designed to help children improve their reading skills in a fun way.

Reading to therapy dogs provides the child with a relaxed and relaxing, non-judgmental listener.

Worth doing?? I'd like to give it a go!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Leadership for Library Technicians"

Would Teacher Librarians please pass onto their staff:-
We still have vacancies for the "Leadership for Library Technicians" workshop on Saturday, 4th April, 2009 run by the ALIA NSW Library Technicians Group.

This workshop is open to all Library Technicians, Officers, Assistants and SAOs.

The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with knowledge of power within organisations, leadership styles and ways that can bring out your leadership potential.

Venue: Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy Training Centre, Lawson Street, Eastwood, Sydney (opposite Brush Farm Park).Transport: Parking in grounds available or pick-up from Eastwood station can be arranged on request.
Date: Saturday 4th April, 2009Time: 9.30am to 3.00pm
Cost: $20.00 for ALIA members and students. $30.00 for non-members.
Payment on the day only (cash or cheque).RSVP and enquiries to Jennifer Dyer (see below) by Thursday 2nd April 2009
Jennifer DyerLibrary TechnicianBirrong Girls High SchoolALIA (NSW)
Library Technicians Group Convenor & Nat. Treasurer
Phone: 9644 9109 Ext

Powerful Software Seminars-Coffs Harbour and Dubbo

If you are a proficient user of ICT in the Classroom IWBNet would like to invite you to present at the Powerful Software Seminars to be held around Australia.

We are particularly looking for teachers who can present one day seminars in Dubbo and Coffs Harbour. The first scheduled dates for these two cities is Dubbo – Wednesday 6 May and Coffs Harbour – Monday 25 May 2009. There are two seminars on each day. Seminar One runs from 9.00am to 12 Noon and Seminar Two runs from 12.30 to 3.30pm. There may be additional dates later in the school year.

The Powerful Software Seminars aim to provide classroom teachers with access to great software (single user licenses are provided), step by step instructions and classroom lessons including Freeware and Shareware. Presenters will demonstrate the software to the audience and take them through a roadmap on how to create lessons using the appropriate software packages.

Delegates will be asked to bring their own laptops (with administrator rights) on which to load the software and to use throughout the sessions.

In PSS Seminar 1 (Freeware use in your classroom – suitable for K - 10) you will demonstrate three very powerful software applications that can be used in K – 10 classrooms; Pivot StickFigure Animator, All Things Google and Phun.

In PSS Seminar 2 (Kid Pix Deluxe 4 in your Classroom – suitable for K - 8) delegates will receive their own licensed copy (CD) of Kid Pix Deluxe 4 which they will install on their laptop at the beginning of the session. The presenter will then take them through a “view” of the software to demonstrate the features of the application using classroom examples.

As a presenter you will be supplied with the software, step-by-step instructions, presentation templates, a presentation running sheet, a CD Rom of samples and resources, all required technology for the seminars and phone support with an experienced trainer.

This is a commercial proposition and so IWBNet will provide a relief fee to your school and a daily presenter's fee.

If you think you have the necessary experience to deliver one of these seminars, live within driving distance of Dubbo or Coffs Harbour and you are available on the relevant date above please email – We will then send you an Offer to Present which will need to be signed by your Principal and you, and returned to IWBNet.

For more information on the Powerful Software Seminars go to

Best regards

Margo Metcalf

IWBNet Pty Ltd

Monday, March 23, 2009

"SMSpresso and OASIS Thin Client

TLs have not been forgotten!

"SMSpresso and OASIS Thin Client

Unique to SMSpresso for Windows is a wizard allowing Teacher Librarians to quickly export all their long-overdue books from OASIS Thin Client and have a personalised SMS sent to parents to gain their assistance in retrieving these books.

In a couple of seconds you're ready to click the Send button. There's nothing else to do. In the example below, 38 completely personalised SMSs, representing 38 very overdue books (more than a month) will be sent in a matter of seconds and there's every likelihood the parent will act on it. Cost for this example? About three dollars. Much cheaper than printing, posting and hoping.

New Sample Reports now included in OASIS (from T3/08 onwards) provide schools with several export options for data to be used with SMSpresso. These include basic student/Parent and Staff mobile number exports as well as specific exports for Daily Absences and Lates and Partial Absences as well as a Library Report for texting parents about Overdue Library Books!

The initial cost of setting up SMSpresso for your school is just $400 (plus GST) and this includes 5,000 SMS credits. There are no other costs involved.
SMSpresso - Overdue Library Books Wizard"

Thank you Stu Hasic for another great innovation to support our schools.
Hopefully schools & TLs will be proactive about this new tool, as change agents with 21st century technology.

Di Johnston
ICT Teacher librarian
Fairfield Heights Public School

Sunday, March 22, 2009

21st Century School Libraries Leading Learning

Judy O'Connell puts library design into the context of the digital changes that are impacting on 21st century learning in this presentation.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Doug Johnson’s Little List of Library and Technology Laws

Doug Johnson- Writing, Speaking and Consulting on School Technology and Library Issues

One part of his website includes:
Doug Johnson’s Little List of Library and Technology Laws which is worth reflecting on!!

Add your own pearls of wisdom.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lightning Librarian Game

Try this fun library game from FUNSCHOOL.

Help Lydia the Librarian find books for the

kids before they get upset and leave!

The better your memory the better

you’ll do at Lightning Librarian.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Resourcing Specific Units

I felt that the following advice from Sharon, used with her kind permission, was well worth sharing with you.
"For anyone who needs resources relating to specific units, both print and online, your first access point should be Sue Lacey’s site ‘Interlace’. The weblinks Sue provides are always up to date and cover all of the units – not necessarily under unit headings, but you will still locate material if you read what you or the teacher needs within the unit and then search the relevant weblink for what is required.

You will find the weblinks here:

Also, when looking for online learning objects, have a look at the TaLe site ( DET login first) and search relevant keywords. TaLe now indexes IWB activities using the unit heading eg ‘identity’, which is helpful!

I have also indexed many of the TaLe activities by both HSIE & CoGs unit on Mrs Mac’s :
Click on the ‘Online Activities’ link for each stage. Also check the ‘Webquests/Online Research Tasks’ link.

Try the CAP site at:

Also Kidcyber:

Primary School Links:

Lake Munmorah: for online worksheets:

I always welcome any additions to upload onto Mrs Mac’s if anyone creates any task or info that can be used by all of us!

Kind Regards,"

Sharon McGuinness
TL, Thirroul PS

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christmas Countdown Clock

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet the Library Fairy

Meet the Library Fairy

Most schools have a Library Fairy. She fixes printers - battles recalcitrant library systems - stacks shelves - gives information processes lessons - maintains the school website - encourages people to respect copyright - finds books hidden on shelves........check out this and much, much more at the Reading resources page of Adrian Bruce's website.

21st Century Information Literacy

21st Century Information Literacy - Searching -
Locating resources on the Web.

21st Learning Spaces

Learning in an Online World: Learning Spaces Framework (1223 kb)

Published in April 2008 following out of session approval from State,
Territory and Commonwealth Ministers for Education and Training

Building the Educational Revolution

Building the Educational Revolution

Following a meeting in Canberra on Tuesday 24 February 2009 we are delighted to provide you with a further update about Building the Education Revolution.

1. The guidelines have now been finalised and are on the DEEWR website. Given the haste of the project they may be updated as different issues arise.

2. Under P21, schools may do up to TWO projects. DEEWR will be concerned if schools don’t get as near as possible to their allocation. Keep in mind the actual total amount is not an entitlement.

3. Schools or systems may top up funding if needed. This could be particularly relevant for rural and remote schools.

4. Consultation with principals and the community is critical. The consultation process may be compromised a little given the speed of the project.

5. This is also about jobs so the money needs to get into local communities quickly.

6. Schools not happy with the process may directly email Dr Carol Nicoll at DEEWR at . Her team will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. The Commonwealth will approve all projects.

8. The Australian Local Government Association will assist by encouraging all local governments to approve projects quickly, if this is relevant to your school.

9. Multi campus schools are funded as one school. A school is where a system identifies that school as an individual school entity (eg a separate P&C or P&F group).

10. In K-12 schools, funding is based on the primary school enrolment.

11. In P21 the projects that can be funded, in order of priority, are:
- New libraries
- Multi-purpose halls
- Classrooms, including replacement of demountables
- Early learning centres, with certain rules
- Major refurbishment of an existing library or refurbishment of any of the above.

We hope this helps. Remember to contact Carol Nicoll at DEEWR if you have any questions or concerns.

The Commonwealth website at will regularly publish a Question & Answer Sheet which will help with any questions being raised.
(Just scroll down the page and click on Building the education revolution under Programs.)

Kind regards
Leonie Trimper
Australian Primary Principals Association

Geoff Scott
NSW Primary Principals’ Association

Library renovations or refurbishment

If you are looking to renovate or refurbish your library these links could be of assistance:

Shoestring Budget Library Renovations

Briscoe Library Renovations

Scott Library summer renovations

New Quay Library

21st Century Learning Spaces-at the end of this page there are seven suggested links to further explore this topic

50 Hints for TL's

50 Hints for Organising a Library +plus a few more

1. Buy a cappuccino machine. You might have to use your own money but I doubt you’ll regret it.
2. Buy a mechanical grab for picking up litter
3. Buy a tool box and basically equip it with screw drivers, glue, scraper, pliers… You won’t need it often but when you do you’ll be grateful you have it.
4. Decorate the library with appropriate posters e.g. movies, cars…Anything that connects with the kids.
5. Keep a cheap briefcase by your desk containing everything you need for classes. That way you don’t have to risk anything valuable.
6. Digitise all school forms. You’ll never run out. I got my copies on disc from the front office.
7. Digitise all classwork. If you put it on the server you should be able to access their accounts and mark it. I haven’t used a red pen in years.
8. Put clocks everywhere.
9. Put a frequently asked question sheet on a noticeboard somewhere. When you are asked just point to it.
10. Cull the storage cupboards. Buy a labeller and label every storage place and then maintain it. (A professional organiser hint)
11. Take an hour for lunch each day without fail
12. Put a radio at your desk. Tune it to ABC classics and turn it on first thing every day.
13. Have your own pens which you never lend to students
14. Have a separate bag which you take to sport and carnivals etc
15. Have positive rules throughout the library e.g. instead of ‘don’t run’ have ‘good students walk’
16. Buy a shredder
17. Buy a hand held vacuum cleaner
18. Buy a laminator and laminate all notices
19. Never allow an empty space in the library or offices. If you do someone will want to fill it with something that will involve even more work for you..
20. Arrange your seating so that teachers have a choice of pair or group work.
21. Never ever allow graffiti. If you do you will get more of it.
22. Have a storage jar of minties and be liberal with them
23. Buy a key locker
24. Have homemade posters with inspirational quotations or messages throughout the library.
25. Often misbehaviour can be stopped by a rearrangement of furniture e.g. if they run try and arrange the furniture so they can’t.
26. Minimise the number of blindspots
27. Use reflective mirrors for blindspot
28. Have a start up list and a closedown list
29. Keep a shopping bag in your pigeon hole to carry all the stuff that comes in everyday
30. If you have a large space avoid putting seating in corners. The acoustics are terrible.
31. Have a student jar of pens, pencils…in a handy spot
32. Minimise the reasons why students have to enter your office space.
33. If your office is a goldfish bowl then use posters to minimise this but don’t obscure your view.
34. Tidy the library at the end of the day. All the cleaner should do is vacuum, wipe down and empty the bins
35. Arrange the shelving levels so you don’t have to bend down too far.
36. Have all keys on lanyards
37. Decorate the library offices with posters
38. Buy the basic kitchen appliances: fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster, sandwich maker
39. Have bins throughout the library
40. Lend out chess and checker games at recess and lunch but be careful of cards.
41. Buy a proper petty cash box
42. Have several plants in the library
43. Never eat at your desk
44. Keep a spare power pack
45. Read instruction booklets. Not only will they help you care for things but they will make you an expert.
46. Buy a scanner and whenever you get a piece of paper either scan it or throw it. As much as possible avoid having a filing cabinet of stuff
47. Have a box of tissues handy for students
48. Have a booking sheet for the computers at recess and lunch
49. Store your stationary in a filing cabinet and not a cupboard. It’s easier to look in a drawer than it is to peer in the dark corners of a cupboard.
50. Tidy the library throughout the day. It gives you a reputation of being proud of your library and efficient.

Michael Hackett,
Teacher Librarian,
Birrong Boys High School
Some more suggestions:
* a wheat pack to heat up in microwave for when I have tense neck/shoulder muscles from stress & too much computer use
* laminated diagrams of correct ergonomics for computer users by my desk
* pens, holepunch, stapler, scissors, sticky tape dispenser & glue tied to string by photocopier, on circulation desk & OPACs, & phone (and spares already attached to string ready to replace stolen or dud items)
* scrap paper box for students to use
* street directory
* copies of assessment booklets for each year group on display for students & parents to access
* freebie magnets on my filing cabinets etc for reminder notes
* postits for followup tasks on my computer monitor
* copies of bell times, library hours & library staff lunch breaks on the one chart & at strategic workstations
* laminated & barcoded hardware tags on all equipment (with physical description on back -- especially length for extension cords)
* glue stick & spare date due slips at circulation desk

Carolyn Mock (Teacher-Librarian)
Strathfield Girls' High School.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Delicious links

To check out my delicious links go to:

Meeting day changed now to Wednesday

Coffs Harbour Primary
Teacher Librarian Collegial
meetings are usually held

Week 4 of term from 3:30p.m. onwards

We have recently changed the day to Wednesday to endeavour to make the meeting day suit more Teacher Librarians.

Hope to see you soon.