Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Resourcing Specific Units

I felt that the following advice from Sharon, used with her kind permission, was well worth sharing with you.
"For anyone who needs resources relating to specific units, both print and online, your first access point should be Sue Lacey’s site ‘Interlace’. The weblinks Sue provides are always up to date and cover all of the units – not necessarily under unit headings, but you will still locate material if you read what you or the teacher needs within the unit and then search the relevant weblink for what is required.

You will find the weblinks here:

Also, when looking for online learning objects, have a look at the TaLe site ( DET login first) and search relevant keywords. TaLe now indexes IWB activities using the unit heading eg ‘identity’, which is helpful!

I have also indexed many of the TaLe activities by both HSIE & CoGs unit on Mrs Mac’s :
Click on the ‘Online Activities’ link for each stage. Also check the ‘Webquests/Online Research Tasks’ link.

Try the CAP site at:

Also Kidcyber:

Primary School Links:

Lake Munmorah: for online worksheets:

I always welcome any additions to upload onto Mrs Mac’s if anyone creates any task or info that can be used by all of us!

Kind Regards,"

Sharon McGuinness
TL, Thirroul PS

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