Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Teacher Librarians to be known as "school librarians"

AASL has redefined the term that describes the certified person who runs a school library (or library media center  as a “school librarian”. This new decision  made by the American Association of School Librarians means the term  "Library Media Specialist' is no more.

Here is the motion put to the AASL from the AASL Official blog .
Whereas, the overarching strategic goal of the American Association of School Librarians is to achieve universal recognition of school librarians as indispensable educational leaders; and
Whereas, the AASL Affiliate Assembly requested that the AASL Board of Directors choose a title for its professionals that is clear to other educators, administrators, and the public; and
Whereas, a recent AASL survey indicated confusion, misperceptions, and inconsistencies about various job titles in our profession; and
Whereas, AASL needed to agree on a common nomenclature for all publications and advocacy efforts; and
Whereas, the AASL’s leadership reviewed the data, identified the advantages and disadvantages of the various titles, and held a focused and extensive discussion.
Therefore be it resolved, AASL officially adopts “school librarian” as the title which reflects the roles of the 21st century school library professional as leader, instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, and program administrator; be it further resolved that AASL will advance and promote the title “school librarian” to ensure universal recognition of school librarians as indispensible educational leaders.
The following guiding principles govern these actions: Open dialog concerning knowledge of our stakeholders’ needs, wants, and preferences; the current realities and evolving dynamics of our environment; the capacity and strategic position of our organization; and the ethical implications relevant to this decision.

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