Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teacher librarians need your help to step up campaign.

Are you looking for a strong future as a TL ?

 Please take a few minutes to help get action from the Inquiry recommendations. The Hub has plenty of suggestions of ways you can help support your chosen profession. Your time is up Peter Garrett.. . .It has now been over three months since the report on the federal Inquiry into school libraries and teacher librarians has been tabled in parliament.

 _Let the Government know you care about school libraries and the education of future students!!_Visit The Hub Bookmarks for Garrett

Advocates fear that a parliamentary inquiry report into teacher librarians will be passed over in a busy parliament.
The report from the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment was tabled in May but has yet to be debated. Read more at: Teacher Librarians step up campaign-Education Review

What a difference a school library makes

The Australian Library and Information Association and Australian School Library Association have created this wiki to enable parents, students, teachers, and everyone else who is concerned about the state of school libraries, to find out more information about this highly topical issue and to join in the discussion.


"There is an urgency to ‘make this noise’ as we only have a three week window of opportunity. The sending of the bookmark, which takes no more than 15 minutes to complete, needs to be undertaken by Monday 10 October 2011. Please encourage everyone you know, from any place in Australia, to send this bookmark. Everyone’s single act, together, will create the postal avalanche that is needed." stated Anne Girolami, on behalf of ALIA Schools


Bookmark templates are available at the ASLA/ALIA 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Work together for the common good.

In "United we stand or do we?" Jude O'Connell asks many very important questions of teacher librarians.
Where do you stand? Is your local or state group promoting the national needs of teacher librarians?
We need to work together.    IT IS TIME!!
Please help to encourage the Government to table the report: School Libraries and Teacher Librarians in Australia.
It would be so sad to have all the effort that went in to arranging the report, developing the 380 + submissions, the interviews conducted by the Inquiry committee all over Australia and the hours and hours of discussions and formulations of the final report.....and then NOT get it tabled!! We need it tabled and the recommendations undertaken.

 ALIA Schools Group - What a difference a school library makes campaign - next action
       Anne Girolami, ALIA Schools Convenor wrote to ALIA School Group members encouraging them and all their associates and friends to push for the "School libraries and teacher librarians in 21st century Australia Report" to be tabled in Parliament.
We have been advised that we need to make a louder noise for the Report be placed on the Parliamentary agenda. It is vital that the office of the Minister on Education and Employment takes notice of our concern. Therefore this next action, in the campaign, is to post a bookmark to Canberra.
What do you need to do? Simply print the file below. It contains a template of the bookmark and a letter explaining the reason for this action. Follow the instructions provided in the letter making sure youinclude your signature and address. Unsigned bookmarks will not be recognised by the Minister’s office. Feel free to use colour paper or to add some colour to the text. Please do not change the words.
There is an urgency to ‘make this noise’ as we only have a three week window of opportunity. The sending of the bookmark, which takes no more than 15 minutes to complete, needs to be undertaken by Monday 10 October 2011.
We strongly urge you to post the bookmark and to encourage everyone you know, from any place in Australia, to send it too. Everyone’s single act, together, will create the postal avalanche which is needed. Please give some of your valuable time to do this.
      You can also help by choosing to ‘like’ the Facebook page   
      ASLA     What a difference a school library makes.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reading Lists Galore

If you are ever looking for lists of books on any topic....
Check out ATN Reading Lists.
ATN Reading Lists was started in 1996 as part of a librarian collaborative project, All Together Now, begun by Dale Copps
 Book Lists has grown significantly since its birth in 1996 and now there are approximately 1,400 lists on the site!  AMAZING!
Their "original goal of a librarian collaborative is finally a reality. By using Wikispaces, the lists can be updated, added to, deleted from, corrected, etc., by librarians all over the world. How exciting is that!!"                
It includes pages such as:
Focused Reading Skills
Online Videos
Professional Reading
Read Alikes
Read Alouds
Readership Targeted Lists
School Subjects

Thanks to Steph Westwood on Maang for alerting me to this terrific resource.