Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reading Lists Galore

If you are ever looking for lists of books on any topic....
Check out ATN Reading Lists.
ATN Reading Lists was started in 1996 as part of a librarian collaborative project, All Together Now, begun by Dale Copps
 Book Lists has grown significantly since its birth in 1996 and now there are approximately 1,400 lists on the site!  AMAZING!
Their "original goal of a librarian collaborative is finally a reality. By using Wikispaces, the lists can be updated, added to, deleted from, corrected, etc., by librarians all over the world. How exciting is that!!"                
It includes pages such as:
Focused Reading Skills
Online Videos
Professional Reading
Read Alikes
Read Alouds
Readership Targeted Lists
School Subjects

Thanks to Steph Westwood on Maang for alerting me to this terrific resource.

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