Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SAVE School Libraries

Carole Koneff
Library Aide – Third Street Elementary wrote this poem to express her concerns:

Have you seen this article from The Age?

MPs to hear school library concerns

April 27, 2010
THE national supply of professional librarians in schools is diminishing and the concern will be raised in Sydney tomorrow at the first hearing of a national inquiry into how school libraries are staffed....

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In her article: "Google is not the last word in information" April 29, 2010 Lia Timson tells the story of a nine-year-old who arrives home from school and goes straight to the computer. When asked why, he replies he needs to start his new school project. He is excited and goes straight to Google.
He encounters problems because his grandpa isn't in "google." Great relief occurs when an "original source": a box of documents lovingly kept by grandma all these years is discovered.

The main lesson learnt was the realisation that information and history don't just appear on Google. Someone has to publish it onto the web, put it there in the first place."

As educators we must ask that assignment bibliographies include more than just "three websites". Teachers must insist on a variety of media as sources, including interviews with real people, be they witnesses, historians or surviving relatives, and even insist on trips to the local library.

If teachers and parents don't, students won't learn to question what they find. They won't know how to distinguish between fact, opinion, hyperbole, sales pitch and pure fantasy – to question the source of the information.
They will take it for Google-gospel.

If you would like to promote the
use of primary sources
 in your own programs
Joyce Valenza and her students have produced a theme song on "primary sources" for the library of congress. 

Sweet Primary Sources from Joyce Valenza on Vimeo.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Online Professional Learning opportunity

Many thanks to Anne Weaver
Head of Library and Information Services 
All Hallows' School Brisbane School Library Media & Network Communications
for the following information:

Access online for a very good webinar on 21st Century learning and Libraries that
recently occurred.

Congratulations to Melissa Techman,*Bernie Trilling* and* Sophie Brookover* 
on this wonderful presentation.

Also, at this post, above, is a link to a great podcast from Diane Ravitch
about the dangers of a testing focus in education, as it is being
experienced in the USA, and unfortunately we are heading in a similar
direction in Australia.

Don't miss professional development opportunities for teacher librarians.

Flyers describing the workshops at

NON-DET teachers
go to
and follow the instructions there. 

OASIS Library    7th May RYDE    26th May RYDE  10th June HAY [NOT RYDE!!!!!] 

School libraries for new teacher librarians
14th May RYDE

Teacher librarians supporting connected learning K-12  17 May  CESSNOCK      28 May   RYDE      4 June    RYDE      9 June    HAY    17th June  YASS

Visual literacy goes online  7 May  KATOOMBA  21 May  RYDE

Information supplied by:
Lizzie Chase
School Libraries and Information Literacy

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gotta Keep Reading

 You have to watch and listen to this stimulating video:

Gotta Keep Reading from Ocooee Middle School

Monday, April 12, 2010

Message from The Hub

See Hub blog on suggested Points to Make and "How to make a submission".
See Hub for links to research and statistics to support your submission.
See also ACSSO Special Newsletter. The Facts on TLs. More Facts.