Tuesday, April 26, 2016

but wait! There's more! from CBCA and it's a bit crafty!!

We have more exciting news from Jackie Hawkes for CBCA NSW :
It certainly is a great time of year to start snuggling up with cooler weather and great books.
You may like to join in this venture with your kids to create a story quilt for Book Week 2016 to fit in with the theme -  Australia: Story Country
Screenshot from CBCA site http://nsw.cbca.org.au/pages/book-of-the-year-quilt-project-.html

It's not a competition, just a creating link with quilts and stories and sharing.  
Screenshot from CBCA website http://nsw.cbca.org.au/pages/book-of-the-year-quilt-project-.html

For further details visit  the CBCA NSW site
70th Anniversary of Book of the Year Awards 1946 – 2016: Quilt Project

70th Anniversary of Book of the Year Awards 1946 – 2016: Quilt Project

Happy reading and creating and sharing!

Cheers - Jackie
Jackie Hawkes
Teacher librarian

Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Children's Book Council of Australia announces this years Notables!

Thank you to Jackie Hawke for CBCA for providing the following information:

Check out the listing and reviews of the CBCA 206 Notables through this link to Reading Time
http://readingtime.com.au/announcing-2016-cbca-book-year-notables/  - the on-line journal for the Children's Book Council of Australia. Then check back as other reviews and links are added soon. 

Listing with the covers are included http://cbca.org.au/notables-2016

The Notables are the first phase of recognising great new Australian books for kids. These titles are too good to miss.
Books and Publishing posted a no frills listing that may be useful.
Reviews of many of these will be included in Reading Time    http://readingtime.com.au/
You may like to check out Audrey Nay's 2016 CBCA Book week Notables board for some ideas.

 These will narrow down to the Short list (which many use as the focus for further lead up to Book Week) to be announced on May 19 at the 
National CBCA conference in Sydney 

The categories for Early Childhood; Picture Book; Younger Readers; Older Readers; Eve Pownall Information Book; and the Crichton Award for New Illustrators. 

If you are in primary or lower secondary, CBCA NSW is hosting an open  video conference discussion about the short list for younger readers on August 11 thru DART. Oliver Phommavahn will be our guest author sharing the discussion chair with me. This is always an interesting bit of insight into how kids feel about the list and is open to all schools for viewing. More details will be available very soon.

The Winners for each category are announced on August 19 to lead into Book Week 2016 (Saturday 20 August - Friday 26 August 2016) with the theme of Australia: Story Country.

To top it all off the Book Week posters and promotional materials are designed by Shaun Tan. Details soon.
         Screenshot from Shaun Tan's homepage showing some of his wacky illustrations!