Thursday, January 21, 2010

Australia Post Australian Legends Award

This year the Australia Post Australian Legends Award recognises six significant living novelists, each of whom has made an outstanding contribution to the social and cultural life of this country. 

The Australia Post Australian Legends Award is presented each year as part of Australia Day celebrations to honour individuals who have made a lifetime contribution to the development of our national identity and character.

The Recipients

Australia Post salutes Peter Carey, Bryce Courtenay, Thomas Keneally, David Malouf, Colleen McCullough and Tim Winton. Together they have earned critical acclaim and literary prizes, loyal readerships and immense sales.

Bryce Courtney                                                             David Malouf
David Malouf picture at book meeting.Image via Wikipedia

Tim Winton said he was pleased that Australian writers were selected to be this year's Australian Legends."It's great to think that Australians would honour writers in the same way that it has honoured sports stars".

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