Friday, March 13, 2009

Building the Educational Revolution

Building the Educational Revolution

Following a meeting in Canberra on Tuesday 24 February 2009 we are delighted to provide you with a further update about Building the Education Revolution.

1. The guidelines have now been finalised and are on the DEEWR website. Given the haste of the project they may be updated as different issues arise.

2. Under P21, schools may do up to TWO projects. DEEWR will be concerned if schools don’t get as near as possible to their allocation. Keep in mind the actual total amount is not an entitlement.

3. Schools or systems may top up funding if needed. This could be particularly relevant for rural and remote schools.

4. Consultation with principals and the community is critical. The consultation process may be compromised a little given the speed of the project.

5. This is also about jobs so the money needs to get into local communities quickly.

6. Schools not happy with the process may directly email Dr Carol Nicoll at DEEWR at . Her team will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. The Commonwealth will approve all projects.

8. The Australian Local Government Association will assist by encouraging all local governments to approve projects quickly, if this is relevant to your school.

9. Multi campus schools are funded as one school. A school is where a system identifies that school as an individual school entity (eg a separate P&C or P&F group).

10. In K-12 schools, funding is based on the primary school enrolment.

11. In P21 the projects that can be funded, in order of priority, are:
- New libraries
- Multi-purpose halls
- Classrooms, including replacement of demountables
- Early learning centres, with certain rules
- Major refurbishment of an existing library or refurbishment of any of the above.

We hope this helps. Remember to contact Carol Nicoll at DEEWR if you have any questions or concerns.

The Commonwealth website at will regularly publish a Question & Answer Sheet which will help with any questions being raised.
(Just scroll down the page and click on Building the education revolution under Programs.)

Kind regards
Leonie Trimper
Australian Primary Principals Association

Geoff Scott
NSW Primary Principals’ Association

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