Monday, March 23, 2009

"SMSpresso and OASIS Thin Client

TLs have not been forgotten!

"SMSpresso and OASIS Thin Client

Unique to SMSpresso for Windows is a wizard allowing Teacher Librarians to quickly export all their long-overdue books from OASIS Thin Client and have a personalised SMS sent to parents to gain their assistance in retrieving these books.

In a couple of seconds you're ready to click the Send button. There's nothing else to do. In the example below, 38 completely personalised SMSs, representing 38 very overdue books (more than a month) will be sent in a matter of seconds and there's every likelihood the parent will act on it. Cost for this example? About three dollars. Much cheaper than printing, posting and hoping.

New Sample Reports now included in OASIS (from T3/08 onwards) provide schools with several export options for data to be used with SMSpresso. These include basic student/Parent and Staff mobile number exports as well as specific exports for Daily Absences and Lates and Partial Absences as well as a Library Report for texting parents about Overdue Library Books!

The initial cost of setting up SMSpresso for your school is just $400 (plus GST) and this includes 5,000 SMS credits. There are no other costs involved.
SMSpresso - Overdue Library Books Wizard"

Thank you Stu Hasic for another great innovation to support our schools.
Hopefully schools & TLs will be proactive about this new tool, as change agents with 21st century technology.

Di Johnston
ICT Teacher librarian
Fairfield Heights Public School

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