Monday, March 12, 2012

Ebooks in K-12 school libraries 2011.

Enjoy reading: Ebooks  The New Normal- Second Annual Survey of ebook penetration and use in US K-12 school libraries. 2011

Wheelers ePlatform offers one option for school libraries in Australia:

ePlatform in a nutshell

An ePlatform is a secure library lending-platform that hosts and facilitates the lending of eBook titles to library members, students and teachers (titles are available for lending to all departments in the school). Wheelers sets-up an individual ePlatform for each library (which Wheelers hosts). All titles are profiled in the library OPAC. The ePlatform enables both the purchases of eBooks and lending out of those titles. Note: If your school doesn't have an OPAC available for student use, students can use the Wheelers ePlatform as a stand alone product.

How it Works

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