Saturday, March 10, 2012

R U Ready 2 Curate?

"Digital curation is the selection[1]preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets[2][3]from

Introducing The Curator's Code
– a new standard for honoring attribution of discovery across the web.

The Curator’s Code is an effort to keep this whimsical rabbit hole open by honoring discovery through an actionable code of ethics — first, understanding why attribution matters, and then, implementing it across the web in a codified common standard, doing for attribution of discovery what Creative Commons has done for image attribution.

If you click on the links at the end of this sentence you will find a wide and useful range of  Digital Curation Platforms - Created by Students in LIBS605 at Old Dominion Univ.

Curate the Web and Learn to Live
                             Visit  Curate the Web and Learn to Live | by Pip Cleaves, provides a super selection of articles dealing with the many  aspects of curating.

"Here’s to a new dawn of keeping the Internet’s whimsical rabbit hole of information open by honoring discovery like the creative and intellectual labor that it is.

Introducing The Curator’s Code: A Standard for Honoring Attribution of Discovery Across the Web

Are you ready to endorse the code?


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