Saturday, August 27, 2011

Have you started incorporating e-books into your library yet?

Dianne McKenzie, a teacher librarian in Hong Kong, shares in her blog post: 

E-Books - the decision has been made

"Wheelers is catering to the school library market, which means their product is affordable, they supply records through SCIS and the platform can be accessed through the library OPAC AND the website - hoorah! We can also add other documents to the platform such as student work, Gutenberg texts and other ebooks we purchase through non excrypted means (not amazon purchases). If we decide we do not want to use their platform any more, we still own the books, but we need to transfer them to another DRM platform to retain access. Wheelers has everything I was looking for in an ebook platform at an affordable price."  

Wheelers ePlatform

The ePlatform is an eBook library lending platform that facilitates the secure lending of eBook titles purchased by a library.
Once your ePlatform is established, login to the Wheelers website using your account details and purchase titles in the usual way. Following purchase the titles will appear instantly in your library’s ePlatform – ready for lending.....Wheelers uses DRM. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM is encryption technology used to protect the copyright of titles lent to library members. The DRM stops a title from being shared, copied, printed and is required by the publishers who provide the titles.

Sounds great to me. 
What about you and your library? Are you ready to expand your services to include e-books? Have you chosen a different provider? 

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