Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feeling overwhelmed......?

Feeling overwhelmed by the expectations and demands made upon Teacher Librarians and school libraries?  Do you still have to remind others about your unique role in teaching and learning? Looking to re-focus and reinforce your instructional role as a TEACHER librarian?
Then we have some sessions & workshops for YOU!
For example: Quality Teaching, Research skills for students; Wide reading programs for the middle school; Using ICT and collaborative teaching with your colleagues, Providing new professional development opportunities to enhance Quality Teaching in your school…..
Register today for ASLA XXII and be informed and inspired…

Mrs Margie Wallin, Southern Cross University
What your teacher librarian can do for you!
Student teachers often lack opportunity and/or encouragement to visit school libraries while on placement. Local teacher librarians and principals have collaborated with Southern Cross University Library to produce a series of videoclips, showcasing what school libraries and teacher librarians can offer. The clips are now available to share.

Ms Jackie C Hawkes
The ABCs of L=PAALs : Learning = People + Attitudes + Atmosphere+Libraries
School libraries are in the people and learning business. Jackie’s library “learning zoo” has always succeeded in creating a supportive and energizing place where learning is shared, valued, promoted and expected for each individual learner. This session summarizes an ABCs approach of some of the practical methods she has used in her library to connect People, Attitudes and Atmosphere to promote effective Learners.

Kerry Pope, William Clarke College, Kellyville, NSW
A Touch of Humour! Captivating students through the GiggleIT Project
Come and learn about GiggleIT! See how we have successfully implemented the GiggleIT Project, an initiative of IASL, with Year 5 and 6 students as part of our library program at William Clarke College. Involvement in this new, exciting, online project based on humour has given the students a reason to read, research, discover, discuss, write, reflect, communicate with others and publish their work. Working closely with class teachers provides opportunities to assess, evaluate and modify the program as necessary. The extensive use of technology and the strong international focus is appealing to all students. They can’t wait to get to library lessons!

Mrs Stacey Taylor, Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College, NSW
Tools to support senior research
A hands-on workshop designed to explore the myriad of tools available to share with senior students to use on their research journey during their final years of school. We'll look at online tools like Zotero and Evidence Chart which help students organise their thoughts and their resources.

Ms Nerelie Teese, Rosstrevor Middle School, Brighton Grammar School, VIC
Introducing and establishing a wide reading program in the middle years of schooling
This presentation outlines a Wide Reading Program and details its introduction to English classes in the middle years of schooling. Some challenges encountered in the introduction and establishment of this program are also discussed. The evolution of formats for collection and presentation of evidence based data are also outlined

Mrs. Lee FitzGerald, Loreto Kirribilli, NSW
Guided Inquiry: does it work?
Guided Inquiry is one of the keys to establishing the elusive collaboration that teacher librarians have been seeking for many years now. This presentation will essentially be an analysis of the learnings of a team of teachers and teacher librarians about Guided Inquiry as two inquiry units are planned, carried out and evaluated during 2011, with the aim of identifying what works and what doesn’t, and the organising principles behind Guided Inquiry, from the practitioners’ perspectives.

Greg Swanson, Marist College, Eastwood, NSW
Collaborative learning project: E-textbook
What do you do when a group of tech savvy students say a unit of work looks less than inviting. Couple this with a desire from the students to incorporate laptops into the learning dynamic. What develops is an innovative collaborative learning project that engages the students with their own learning; uses new and emerging technologies to motivate both staff and students; and culminates in an e-textbook that is both challenging and visually exciting.

Mrs Henrietta Miller, Roseville College, NSW
Reforming the face of teacher's professional development through the use of Twitter and Techie Brekkies
A session for teachers and leaders who may themselves comfortable with technology but who believe that it is time to foster a culture of personal professional development with the other staff in their schools. Learn how to inspire your staff, through the medium of Techie Brekkies.

-shared from Marion Silk from ASLA 
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