Friday, August 26, 2011

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Marion Silk from ASLA shares: Over the past few months. there have been questions & discussions on this listserv about e-books, digital literacy, Clickview & alternatives, the future of print resources, student research needs - to name but a few.

You can get ANSWERS, TALK to representatives & see DEMONSTRATIONS of many programs and solutions at the Trade Exhibition at ASLA XXII Conference....ALL IN THE ONE PLACE!!

Here is a brief selection of what will be available:

Q.  Will you launch into e-books and how can you manage a growing digital collection ?
n  Access-It:  Web-based management of e-books and digital material; which integrates seamlessly with SCIS; ClickView; Active Directory and LDAP; Single Sign On; automated emailing; texting, and many others
n  Softlink :  A suite of advanced library and information management including Integrated Library Management Solutions, reference and research tools used by thousands of schools across Australia, U.S., NZ  & UK.
n  Readcloud: The World’s first social eReading software platform designed for educators, We provide education institutions with a digital distribution mechanism for eBooks.
n  Wheelers: a comprehensive library supplier with an active database of over 10 million books. Experience the first eBook platform that has been developed, and priced, specifically for school libraries.

Q. Which delivery platform for digital resources would best suit your school?
n  Clickview: combines innovative digital video software and a digital video library and it allows any number of students to view digital video, at any time, at their own pace, using a school's existing computer and network infrastructure
n   DVC: DVC technology backbone provides educators and students with access to the ultimate in multimedia educational experiences, along with the ability to integrate with and utilise other learning platforms such as on-line learning management systems.  In addition to providing a vast library of content, including over 10,000 educational videos, study guides etc pre-loaded on the DVC system, DVC gives you the tools to continue to grow and manage your library, often for free.

Q. Where can you go for quality print books to support the new curriculum?
n  Macmillan: one of the leading educational publishers in Australia, with a vigorous publishing program catering to the needs of Primary and Secondary schools by producing a quality range of Library, Literacy, Digital, Text and Teacher Resource Books.
n  The Booklegger: Supporting school librarians with curriculum related library books for over 30 years.

Q. Which packages will  best support your students’ research needs?
n  Britannica Digital Learning: Through each of the age-appropriate resources, Britannica provides instructional and research content that will fit the needs of every user from one simple access point.
n  EBSCO Publishing: Through a collection of tens of thousands of magazines, books, newspapers and various other publication types from renowned publishers, EBSCO Publishing serves the content needs of all school students and staff.
n  Library Webs: Online educational research service providing an Internet Library of approximately 80,000 carefully selected links. Students using LW have immediate access to authoritative Internet resources and are able to stay focused on their learning outcomes
n  World Book Forward Learning: Schools and libraries around the world consider World Book products to be a vital resource, providing valuable, accurate and up-to-date reference information in all communication mediums: print and online.

Q. What is happening with reading, literacy & children’s literature?
n  National Year of Reading 2012: linking together all the great things that are already happening around books, reading and literacy, and giving them an extra boost, with inspirational programs and events taking place across the country. Find out what is happening…..
n  AUSTLIT/QUT: AustLit is a collaboration between the National Library of Australia and a network of Australian Universities, including Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

at the Trade Exhibition
ASLA XXII Conference
2-5 October, 2011

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