Sunday, April 15, 2012

School Library's are vital. Stand tall!!

In his article: The Unsung Heroes in our Schools,  Brad Meltzer explains that  "school librarians transform lives through education and make it possible for students to thrive in a 21st century learning environment.
Meltzer is concerned that much of the school librarian/teacher librarians' vital work is largely unrecognized." but he feels that "what is worse, it is being compromised, as local, state and federal funding for school libraries continues to shrink."

Librarians are experts. They don’t spend all their time re-­shelving books.  They help staff  with resources to support their curriculum programs, assist students with research tasks, manage the complex library resources, promote  a reading culture to increase literacy levels......

 Meltzer encourages the readers to fight for funding for school libraries: "As policymakers and school administrators struggle with tough decisions, we as a nation must voice our support and advocate for funding, so that all children have access to 21st century school library programs."

in the article Librarians role vital the former director-general of the National Library of Australia stated that "Libraries are just as important today as they were before the digital revolution." Books last for 300 years but the obsolescence of some digital devices reinforces the need for experts to manage various storage techniques.

Fullerton said that the great benefit of the digital revolution was that it had allowed libraries to make their collections more accessible than ever. “We use technology to do what libraries have always done, which is make it simple and easy for people all over Australia to find what they want, and to get what they want.”

Moreover, the role of the librarian is still relevant in the 21st century. “They’re mediators, they help people, they point out directions. Librarians are still critically important, and while the physical space might be less so, there’s always a need for someone to show the way, to tell people, to let them think in different ways.”

One really effective way to let everyone know how effective your school library is-show them.

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