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Quality, digital kids reads for iPads.

Early in 2011 these Top Ten iPad Storybook Apps from Kirkus Reviews were posted.

Digital books have evolved so much in just a few short years! 
It is amazing to look back at what were the top in February 2011 compared with some of the e-books available now.
Look at today's top 10 pirate books from Digital Storytime
Top 10 Dog books    Top 10 Stars, Planets and Space
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Digital storytime is a great place to start when checking for quality digital books. 
You must still preview any books before deciding to include them in your program..

I recommend you to watch out for this new series: "Lulu in..."
Lulu in Australia is the first in a series of books about Lulu's world travels.
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 This story is about their first trip in the series ... to Australia.
Currently priced at  0.99c
Read a Lulu in Australia review at Digital Storytime. 

6 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and German
•Two modes of reading: “Listen and Play” or “Listen” (without the interactions)
•Reading with or without the “Karaoke” function
•Independent touch pronunciation of each word
•“Explain to me” which shows a word’s definition and its opposite to provide context for unfamiliar words
•“Show me” gives an illustration that represents a word
•Vowel display
•Indication of silent letters
•Syllable by syllable breakdown
•An animated cartoon which illustrates each page

Lulu in Polynesia

★ Charmingly illustrated in brilliant, vintage-feel colors by St├ęphanie Bertault.
Sounds and music by David Herschel, former Radio France producer.
Written by Vanessa Pol, a world traveler who loves sharing her discoveries, in collaboration with David Herschel, coauthor of several children’s books.

15 illustrated and animated worlds
The explorer’s map. A practical tool the child can use to go directly to the page of his or her choice, or to a favorite game.

All pages are interactive
Two languages: English and French

Six mini-games

Sound can be muted at any time
Easy, intuitive interface

Reading time: 25 minutes
Universal app, runs on both iPhone on iPad

iPhone Screenshot 4

I love this digital book for the variety available-both fiction & non-fiction all in 1 app
Scott's Submarine   Currently costs $4.49 
Embark with Scott, his cat Jazz and their friend Aiko and learn about 
sea life wonders and the mysteries of the deep blue sea.

An original story written for digital devices, rich of interactive content, with wonderful artwork by Matt Roussel, internationally acclaimed 3D illustrator. 

The story offers two levels of reading: one using simple words, for very young children and a second one with a more advanced vocabulary and a longer text.

Many great reviews support this e-book's inclusion in your digital library.

Most pages contain ambient sounds, music and interactive content. 
- 37 fully illustrated pages
- 17 sea animal facts with real life photos
- 2 age ratings: 2-3 and 4+
- 4 languages

iPhone Screenshot 2

 If a marine animal is visible on a shot, facts about this animal are displayed, with educative text and a real-life photo!
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