Saturday, April 28, 2012

Neighbourly mentors instead of silencing book police

10 Changes to Expect from the Library of the Future | Online Universities | Diigo

Enterprising librarians know they can still bring literature to the masses by utilizing its lust for technology and most TLs I know are most enterprising!!

Most school libraries have developed such programs which  recommend visual schedules so kids know what’s coming up next, carpet tiles or cushions for sitting, and hands-on activities.

Many school libraries are  already focused on learning as a whole, rather than just literature." Libraries are all about education."

Do you see these ten changes being incorporated into many school libraries? Are there any handy tips or hints from readers out there to help teacher librarians implement these changes?

Most TLs I know are already neighbourly mentors NOT of silencing book police! Libraries should be inviting and a meeting place with provision for peaceful working areas. They should not resemble a football field but nor should they be solemn, silent places,

Love to hear your thoughts.

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