Sunday, June 5, 2011

How wrong can they be? School librarians are not dragons in pearls!!

"We're not dragons in pearls, say librarians, we're just misunderstood" the heading in a recent Sydney Morning Herald article by Dan Harrison and Kim Arlington on May 24, 2011 stated.

The article also shared that "witnesses (at the Parliamentary Inquiry) told the committee stereotypical images of librarians continued to prevail. Librarians were seen as ''elderly, staid … a bit of a dragon'' with ''cardigan, pearls and bun'', while colleagues were likely to think of it as a cushy job, where ''all you do is read books or newspapers or stamp books in and out.''  Read more of the article:

  I wonder where the public gets their misconceptions from???
Nancy Pearl- Librarian Action Figure that goes "Shush" ....
 What kind of teacher librarian are you? Can you help dispel this negative pearl wearing, cardigan dressed, bun held high perception of 21C librarians?  

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