Sunday, June 26, 2011

All Australian Students need Teacher Librarians in their schools.

 "The school library—and the job of the librarian—have both morphed into something that most adults these days would hardly recognize. Helping kids find books to read is only part of the job, say those on the profession’s leading edge. Today, a major mission of the librarian, aka media specialist, is to teach students digital literacy by showing them how  to use the Internet to efficiently find, organize, and share information with peers."

School Libraries may have changed, however, research shows that they provide many very valuable services for staff and students in their learning communities and that those services help students to become successful lifelong learners.  

Below are two of the recent media stories that are helping to keep School Libraries on the agenda. We need your help!  The Government only has until the end of August to respond to the eleven recommendations of the Inquiry. We need to make plenty of people know how we all feel about the importance of school libraries for our students.

Open publication - Free publishing - More inquiry report

Visit The Hub post:

ACTION    Teacher Librarians Campaign

"We petitioned. We got an Inquiry. We now have a Report.  The federal government has until the end of August to respond to the Inquiry Report. Many of our concerns were not strongly addressed. Now more than ever we need to keep up the campaign.  In each state and territory as well as federally."

There is plenty of great support and advice available at the above post at The Hub. Visit to find out how you can help.

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