Friday, May 6, 2011

One Community | Rugby League Reads and other educational programs.

"Research has now shown that Rugby League Reads is having a dramatic impact, increasing young readers' engagement and motivation towards reading lessons and increasing voluntary reading by students.

In 2011, Rugby League's One Community will publish three new issues of the Rugby League Reads Magazine, in Term 2, 3 and 4. Also on offer again are the Rugby League Reads readers, a set of eight home readers for the younger years.Rugby League Reads Logo
Another exciting development for Rugby League Reads is that it is now featured in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, which will allow students to progress through their Reading Challenge while covering English Syllabus outcomes and enjoying Rugby League-based texts.
To order Rugby League Reads visit, click on the Rugby League Reads icon and then select Readers (set of eight for emergent readers) AND/OR Magazines (kit of 30 magazines and a CDROM of Teacher activities).
The Magazine kit and CDROM is a #free_resource available to schools however there is a $19.95 cost to deliver the box to your school, plus a $5.50 fee. 

The Rugby League Reads magazine includes a range of texts taught in Primary Schools including factual and literary texts, with the focus on Rugby League as key reading content.  As well as the magazine, complimenting teacher activities and resources for each club’s text type has been created.  The activities will be underpinned with philosophical frameworks and theories commonly used at schools, including Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as well as incorporating key Boy’s Education strategies and research.
The magazines are professionally produced and the text in the magazine features NSW Foundation Writing, the model of handwriting taught to students in schools."

David Gallop Trish Crews
Chief Executive Director of Community, Culture & Diversity

Teachers I recommend you also visit the Teacher Zone  Rugby League's One Community are regularly launching new educational resources that they’d love to keep you informed about. They’re also looking for feedback on our resources and finding out what works and what doesn’t to engage our kids at home and in the classroom.

Dream Believe Achieve Logo

One Community, in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney’s Australian Centre for Child and Youth, have launched an education resource called 'Dream, Believe, Achieve'.
The program is a teaching resource suitable for the high school curriculum in personal development and health and complements the NRL's 'Eat Well Play Well Stay Well' Primary Teachers’ Resource. EAT WELL, PLAY WELL, STAY WELL. (EWPWSW)
Launched in 2009, Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well was developed to engage and encourage kids to build healthy lifestyles and make positive choices.
The kit contains a DVD and lessons plans suitable for primary classroom lessons in the personal development and health curriculum area. Aimed at engaging students, the activities are action orientated and include themes from the world of Rugby League.
They also offer an education program to excite and inspire all Australian children
Learning with League is a primary school teaching resource written by the NSW Deparment of Education and mapped for use in Queensland and Victoria.
Learning with League
The resource covers all stages of primary school and incorporates lessons and practical activities in the key learning areas of human society and it's environment and personal development, health and physical education.

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