Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kidjutsu- Free Online Comics for Kids

Kidjutsu [kid-joot-soo] has a terrific collection of free Comic Books that can be viewed full screen with out ads. Lots of interesting comics that kids will enjoy from many genres. Browse through by age or genre (elementary-high school). The books can also be embedded on your site. Sign up for a free account. Click on the comic books below to see what some of them are like.

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Read, browse, vote, and comment on your favorite kids comics.
Kidjutsu is a site that collects kid-friendly webcomics and displays them using an easy-to-use online comics viewer.
Kidjutsu offers a variety of genres and suits a range of age levels. Try these and see what you think.

Comic powered by Kidjutsu

Resources for using comics to teach core subjects

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