Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early bird notice! The 12th Annual Tooth Tally Project begins soon!

Cheryl Hill is looking for Australian schools 
that would like to join this 
The excitement of counting, graphing, reading and writing about losing teeth is beginning again next February. So get in early and get ready to join the fun!!

Our year 1 classes really enjoyed this
last year and I would like to do it again for year 1, 2010. 
I really recommend this project .

Check out Tooth Tally Project which includes great lesson plans.  
There are also downloadable resources including 
Australian NSW DET Teachers:The Tooth Tally Project Lesson Plan 


The Tooth Tally Project integrates a common event 
in the life of a first year student –losing a tooth 
– with reading, maths, writing, HSIE and technology.

Using "lost tooth" data collected in the classroom               
year one students will practice counting skills and 
collecting data. 
They will learn to make and interpret graphs,
develop map skills, increase word processing ability,
use a scanner and communicate online using a wiki site.
It's a wonderful opportunity for children to realise that  
in spite of many differences 

                     children all around the world have many similarities, too.

Key ICT Subject Area
Computer Operations & Concepts: CO.1, CO.3, CO.4, CO.8
Word Processing: WP.1, WP.2, WP6
Graphics & DTP: GD.13, GD.14, GD.16
Internet: IN.4, IN.11, IN.15
Technical Objective To use a range of technology applications in research,
communication and publication of data collected from around
the world.
Related KLA Outcomes
English: TS1.1, TS1.2, WS1.12
Mathematics: NS1.1, WMS1.12, DS1.1, MS1.2,
Science & Technology: INVS1.7, ICS1.12, UTS2.9
HSIE: SSS2.7, ENS2.5
Software Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Google Earth, scanning
Timeframe 8-10 x 45 min. lessons, spread across Terms 1 & 2   

Visit the Teachers page on the tooth tally website 
for lots of downloadable resources, including the tooth shape marker.

Registration is now open,
please register at the TOOTH TALLY website,

Cheryl Hill
Tooth Tally Project Coordinator

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