Sunday, October 6, 2013

Do you have many questions about cataloguing digital resources that you can't answer yet?

"There is a lot to discover and learn about. If you are a teacher librarian, please make this part of your professional learning agenda for 2013. We are on the web and of the web, and our opportunities to improve the information and knowledge matrix in schools is fantastic – if we know how!" 

  • Please visit the link above to read all of Judy's post. I have selected a small, but important selection to hopefully encourage you to delve deeper into these issues. 

Maybe you could consider viewing and discussing some of the presentations at your next TL network meeting.
 "These very issues were highlighted at the recent SCIS ASKS Forum held in Melbourne recently.How will education libraries best serve their communities in 2015? Support for the new Australian curriculum makes it imperative that we include emerging technologies and global understanding of information organization in the knowledge matrix that we support. It’s no longer about organizing those container of information that’s important – it’s the connections and access pathways and interpersonal learning experiences that a good school library can facilitate. It is a teacher librarian’s job to empower students and teachers information access needs, and to manage systems that support this. We are very lucky in Australia that Education Services Australia, and the Schools Catalogue Information Service have their eye on this for us."    from    Strategic Directions for School Libraries
Strategic Directions for School Libraries from Judy O'Connell
I found the presentations below helpful: 
In 2011 SCIS produced this presentation:

Managing e-books in libraries from SCIS

You may wish to complete their Resourcing the curriculum survey 
 It does not take very long.

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