Sunday, August 25, 2013

Posters, posters & more free posters.

When Harper Collins released this beautiful poster last week I just had to go exploring the rest of their treasures. 
Harper Collins also have an entertaining KIDS section with a Book Finder, Authors & Illustrators, Games & Contests tabs.
Also available is a helpful Parents Section to share suggestions from pre-school on.
There are so many teaching & reading guides ,under the Teaching Resources tab, available on a wide range of kids books.
If you are looking for award winning books , new releases, information, including websites, audio & interviews, on various authors and illustrators you will be pleased.
I would love to see some more great posters in the future.
If you are looking for some more posters for displays check out these.They were all designed in Adobe PhotoShop CS5. (The blog formerly known as :)

A range of posters are also available at Mrs. Lion's Teacher Resources.

Maybe you would like some free technology posters for your classroom. 
I love the last one of the eight posters the most,  as it provides a clear guide to getting better search results.

You will find a variety of posters that I have pinned at on Pinterest.

Then there are these gorgeous posters- Decorate your walls with downloadable posters by author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds. These free, full-colour posters are based on the themes in The North Star book - aimed at encouraging life-long learningdiversity appreciationcreative thinkingpositive school communities, and more!

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