Monday, June 4, 2012

More losses for our school communities

In relation to School Libraries support  it has been confirmed that the organisational chart published at this stage reflects:
·         no policy and curriculum support specific to school libraries, with implications, among other things,  for support for resourcing Australian Curriculum in schools by school libraries and teacher librarians
·         no Scan positions - though the functional descriptions document mentions Scan I can’t see the positions to produce it
·         no support for the kinds of resources etc as provided by our team members and online content, and things like Links4Learning
·         reduced SCIS cataloguing support (1 less librarian)

If you would like more information about the proposed restructure, you might like to go to you will need to access via the portal.
 If you look at ‘functional realignment’ in the left hand menu, you will get access to the organisation charts for what appears to be our new area, Learning and Leadership, including Early Childhood & Primary Education and Secondary Education. 
Apart from the cuts, English and Literacy will no longer be part of the one team and will soon be divided into primary and secondary teams – an odd decision given that we are now embracing a K-10 syllabus.
There is an email address (also available through the webpage above) for any interested person to ask for further information or express an The consultation period lasts until 10am on Thursday 7 June only.

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