Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 National Year of Reading for under 12's

Have you seen: Are We There Yet? the National Year of Reading program for under 12s

This will be a fun, educational activity for #under_12s and their families. We're basing it on Alison Lester's book "Are We There Yet?", which tells the story of her family's #journey around #australia in a camper van.   Review by CMIS 

NYR will be running a #national_competition for primary age children to tell us about their home town or a special place they have visited in Australia. They can upload a postcard or a letter with a drawing or photo to our website and the competition will move around the country on a month by month basis, beginning in the Northern Territory in February 2012 and ending in Victoria.
And Are We There Yet? provides all kinds of opportunities for creative reading events at a local level, in addition to the national competition.

NYR will be loading information about the children's program for Are We There Yet? tour and competition soon.

Educational tools and activities
Penguin Educational Notes These wonderful educational notes for Alison Lester's Are We There Yet? from Penguin are available from their education centre free of charge - just remember to give appropriate recognition to Penguin when using them.

Further Reading 

Alison Lester -biography
Are We There Yet? Teaching Challenges blog-Penny Ryder

Alison Lester - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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