Sunday, October 23, 2011

Researcher needs a little of your time...

Tricia Kuon
Assistant Professor, Library Science needs your help

"I am doing some research on administrators' perceptions of the role of
the librarian and the impact of the librarian on student achievement. I am
surveying librarians and administrators to see what beliefs
administrators have about the importance of the librarian's position
in the school and I am surveying librarians to get an accurate report
about the many essential tasks they complete that are "secret" in
that they must be completed but they are unknown to students,
teachers, and administration. I have two separate links for two

The administrator survey link is:

The librarian survey link is:

Please feel free to share these links with anyone in these positions
who might be willing to participate.

Thank you so much for your time,

Tricia Kuon
Assistant Professor, Library Science

College of Education
Sam Houston State University"

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