Thursday, August 26, 2010

We need school libraries and well supported teacher librarians.

 School Library Advocacy Movie-TL Ning by Joyce Valenza

Find more videos like this on TLNing

There is a worrying draft of plans to dismantle School Libraries Information Literacies.
If this draft is accepted SLIL will no longer be supporting TLs-no more Colleen or Lizzie.
I am shocked and very disappointed about the loss of so many valuable services for teachers and teacher librarians.
Received this info the other day...
Des Gorman, Acting Deputy Director-General [], is looking for comments and responses about the proposed NSW CLIC structure, by Monday next week, ie 30th. In addition, please provide the NSW Teachers Federation with a copy of your detailed submission about the value of School Libraries statewide support, so they understand what will be lost and can argue for us. Send to, Attention: David Ferguson.

Proposed: There will be a School Libraries and Info Services team
1. No more specific State wide school libraries support. No more manager's role to set a vision, and communicate with other educational leaders. No more specific website programming/teaching support for teacher librarians. No more specific teaching and learning workshops to support TLs into the 21st century with digital tools and collaboration with classroom teachers. Instead, there is a proposed, Senior Curriculum Support Officer, Information Literacy to be located elsewhere in a Cross Curricula team with no mention of teacher librarians. In the School Libraries and Info Services team, Scan will continue with no review coordinator. The SCIS cataloguing team which currently has 3 librarians will be cut to 2 which will have a massive impact on cataloguing of new records. This team is at the forefront of cataloguing in Australia, cataloguing ebooks, websites, database, books on a huge scale.
Please take the time to let your objections known.

We need to email any concerns to
expand »1. Kim Procter, Manager, Strategic Projects and works to the General Manager, Learning and Development within the Office of Schools. Learning and Development is the portfolio in which Curriculum K-12 Directorate sits. by 5 pm Tuesday 31 August.

2. By Monday 30th: Director General Coutts-trotter and
Des Gorman, Acting Deputy Director-General

3. Politicians (By Mon 30th)

Senator John Kaye
Rob Oakeshott
Tony Windsor
Your own local member...

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