Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wizard of Apps from K-12 Online Conference

Enjoy this presentation- 
you will need to grab a drink and put your feet up 
as it has many sections and goes for 51 minutes.

Wizard of Apps (K12Online Conference) from Joyce Valenza on Vimeo.
From the K12 Online Conference
Presentation Title: The Wizard of Apps or Will they have an app for that? or What we are learning and loading along the road

Presentation Description: In this student-produced keynote, Joyce and the students of Springfield Township High School’s Theatre II class consider which apps are the most critical as they walk the road together.

Slides available:

Song parodies inspired by:
Arlen, Harold, and E.Y. Harburg. The Wizard of Oz. Victor Fleming. MGM, 1939. Film.

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