Thursday, December 3, 2009

Change is coming but help is needed!!

 I have a message to share form a fellow TL who is very excited about the change being offered to her.

Please spare a minute to offer your 
much sought after advice.

I have just been given the chance to organise the library borrowing/usage as I want, with consultation of course. 

I will have no RFF and was  thinking of having set a borrowing time (1/2 hour) for K to 2 with  flexible timetabling for 3 to 6 and a drop in and borrow slot for 3 to 6. 

The executive have asked me to gather information from other TLs who are  using this formula or something similar.  

Does anyone use this in their  library?  Is it successful and were there problems implementing it  especially as the library has been used for at least 9 hours of RFF and  the rest of the school a 1/2 hour borrowing. 

I am excited about having  team teaching in the library.

 Regards Lorelle Byers

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