Friday, October 2, 2009

"Bear & Chook" books rap...coming soon

 Sharing a message from Ian Mc Lean (with permission) with you:
The book rap is  based on two picture books, "Bear & Chook",
and the newly-released "Bear & Chook by the sea",
is aimed at students in Early Stage 1 (Kinder) and Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2).

Several schools have already introduced themselves, there are some great comments turning up on the Teachers' section, and there are already things to look at in the Gallery.

This book rap will also feature participation by the author, Lisa Shanahan, and illustrator, Emma Quay. An online video, of Lisa and Emma reading "Bear & Chook by the sea" at Caddies Creek PS, and answering students' questions, will be an exciting addition to the usual teaching resources.

The rap is being coordinated by Jenny Scheffers (TL at Caddies Creek), 
"Scan" editor Cath Keane, and yours truly.
Interstate and international schools are welcome, and 
there is no cost involved in book rapping.

The rap pages on the NSW DET website are still under construction and will be open for viewing from NSW's Day 1, Term 4. 
The rap itself will commence in Week 2, Term 4,
in the week of 26 October 2009.

What is already open for viewing is the blog associated with this rap at:

You can see there the weekly tasks which students will undertake.

If you're trying to visualise the scope of the programming and planning, syllabus outcomes and rap sheets, you might like to check out previous recent raps, such as the 2008 Stage 1 "Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge" book rap, in which the discussion component was also in a blog format:

You can also email for further information about the rap. 

Please join us, and spread the word! 

Click here to check out the website:  Bear and Chook
"This touching story is about Bear and Chook,
two very different 
but very good friends 
and their ambitions and dreams."

Don't forget to bring your warm honey toast!       Happy holidays! 

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