Thursday, September 10, 2009

NAPLAN Results Publication

With Victor's permission I bring you this idea of his:

While not everything that counts can be measured I do
believe there is a strong correlation between
recreational reading and measurable literacy skills.
For some years I have kept an eye on borrowing rates and reading
patterns including the use of Premiers Reading Challenge records.

The NAPLAN National Summary Report is due for release
"mid September 2009" according to the FAQs
(Next Monday 14 is a likely candidate).

 I will be analysing my school's results closely to see if certain
 conclusions I have drawn are correct.

 I encourage you all to seek out your school results with a view to
finding leverage points to promote recreational reading as part of the eternal lobby for a healthy library budget.


Victor Davidson
Teacher Librarian
Birrong Girls High School

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