Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are we ready to redefine reading?


A book is a place

Bob Stein, The Age, 25 July 2009

"With books, as we redefine content to include the conversation that grows up around the text, the author will increasingly be expected to be part of that ongoing conversation and, of course, expect to be paid for that effort.

For their part, readers will see the experience of reading expand to include a range of behaviours, all situated firmly within a social context.

To illustrate, here's a mother in London describing her 10-year-old boy's reading behaviour: "He'll be reading a (printed) book. He'll put the book down and go to the book's website. Then he'll check what other readers are writing in the forums, and maybe leave a message himself, then return to the book. He'll put the book down again and Google a query that's occurred to him."

I suggest that we revise our definition of reading to incorporate this range of activities, in addition to time spent absorbing the content of the printed page."


ACSSO Australian Education Digest Vol 3 No 28, 3 August 2009

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