Monday, May 18, 2009

Organising Picture Books

Sue Lacey recently responded to another TL's email about picure books on with this response:

Experience has shown that it is very wise to have 2 areas of picture fiction. One for little kids [Junior Fiction] & one for big kids.It is possible to interfile picture books with novels for older kids but theshelves look higgledy-piggledy.

A better solution is to have a separate section for "Picture Books for Big Kids" - keep the novels in the Fiction Location; Put the Mature theme Picture Books + Maze books + some 793.73 Picture Puzzle books in this new Location [I called it PIC - Picture Booksfor Big Kids on my spine labels] in close proximity to novels. As an addition to this discussion, I also instituted a Senior Fiction [S-F]location for those novels that required more mature, challenging reading[specifically Year 6].

What do you think?

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